The importance of a commitment photo-session for your wedding


For your wedding photographer, this means that it allows us to get to know you better, and above all, to be able to establish a relationship of trust, which is essential between a photographer and you.
Indeed, before being the photographer of your wedding, it seems essential that we can meet you in a more intimate, calm, light and relaxed context. Because the goal of the photographer on your wedding day will be to capture intimate moments, moments of the private circle, and he cannot achieve this without having first been able to bond with you.


Unlike a studio photo shoot, it is essential for this shoot that the location you have chosen corresponds to you and represents you, so that you feel comfortable there. For example, you can choose a place that represents memories of your couple, your children, etc. It’s a bonus if the location is symbolic of the love story you’ve had, as it will bring out even more emotions that we will be happy to capture.


Don’t try on bombastic outfits, just be yourself! Wear whatever you like, while matching the colors and styles of the two groom (s), but keep in mind that it’s all about making yourself happy. Do not hesitate to wear accessories (bow tie, hat, scarves, jewelry), etc.
Do not hesitate to ask us your questions, we are also here to answer you and help you prepare for this photo moment, and even more so for your wedding.
Either way, the majority of wedding photographers recommend this shoot, and now you know why. In summary, it will allow you to better know the person you are responsible for immortalizing this important moment in your life, you will familiarize yourself with their material and their way of doing things, and you will take advantage of the resulting photos to add them to your album. of marriage .



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