Akash Jain


I have a few words to tell you about myself.
It’s not a story about a Company “Snapicca” or about a founder “Akash”. It’s a story about a dream of mine. If we go back so from childhood, I love to decore my house with little things then things changed with age, and my creativity changes from design to photography. But due to my Family’s reputation and my cousin’s and the environment from where I belong to. Photography is just a local business and because of this all wrong stuff, I went into engineering and after completed my Bachelor’s degree in IT. I went Banglore to learn some technical skill and job..I did one year job, but that’s not my cup of tea and finally, I left that job and came to the home and told to parents and my parents told me, okay don’t worry ..just take few weeks to relax and think what you want to do and in this duration, I was editing some pics of my college time..and my younger brother sat back to me, he looked that pictures and said brother why are you not join the photography classes and that’s the moment where all it starts and I went to the Photography class and learned several things and basics of camera settings and done lots of photography works like some were paid, some were Collabes and after the one year in photography career. I started my own photography Company “SNAPICCA” and from day one our company’s Motto is to Provide the best lifetime memory of weddings of our client and by the grace of God We filmed 50+ weddings with satisfied Clients from 2018 and the one important thing which I want to tell you is that …all this comes true or today, where I am, is by the support and the trust on me by parents. I love you my mom and dad for all your love and support.

Akshay Jain

Creative Head and Video-Editor


Photographer and video editor

Manish Devra

Candid Photographer