Some main points to be considered while choosing a wedding photographer


A while ago, I gave you some of the good reasons to choose a professional wedding photographer for your big day. You have certainly understood it; I am sincerely convinced that the photographer is an essential service provider for this unique event in your life. Photos will be the rare memories of this Day, and they will accompany you throughout your life and even the lives of your children. Much more than memories, this photographic testimony is a real heritage and family heritage.

The photographic style

The photographic style is an important point in choosing your wedding photographer. Each photographer has their own style. When taking the picture, he may prefer “posed” photographs or have a photo-reportage approach by capturing moments on the spot without interfering with your Day. For the treatment of his images, sometimes the photographer follows the trends of fashion (Fine-Art or Moody style – dark photos with yellow tones – for example), sometimes he is a little more classic. He may like bright or dark photographs, soft and pastel colors or flashier or even pronounced blacks and whites.

The feeling

In addition to the photographic style, the feeling is the second essential point in your choice of photographer. Already because the photographer is (normally) the only service provider who will be by your side ALL Day, it would be a shame not to appreciate and trust this person.
Also, like many people, you are not necessarily used to being photographed from all angles. In addition, during this Day, the photographer, this “stranger” among your relatives, will also share your intimacy, may discover some anecdotes about you, may during the preparations see you in undress. Confidence is therefore essential to fully enjoy every moment without worrying about having to put on your best smile, show your best profile or pay attention to every word you say.
For my part, this feeling is essential; I like to consider you as friends, and it allows me to give mine all during your wedding.
From your first email, I suggest a meeting over a drink or via Skype in order to see us in person, to be able to exchange freely. If the feeling passes on each side (I also reserve the right or not to accept a request) and you decide to have me by your side to carry out the report of your wedding, we will take the time to meet each other several times before your big Day, exchange many emails, text messages or even chat on social networks. I also choose to limit the number of weddings I have per year to be as available to each of the couples who place their trust in me.
Our would prefer not to be remaining around for quite a long time, presenting ungracefully for those ideal shots. Also, you certainly don’t need two complete outsiders getting in your appearances with their cameras for a Brooklyn wedding photo


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